Are you stuck?

Group therapy offers a way of working on the blind spots in your life—areas where you feel stuck, but aren't sure why—in a setting that is less expensive than individual therapy, though often more powerful.

Typically, our blind spots have to do with those things that matter to us most: our deepest passions, biggest goals, or greatest wishes. We want to pursue these, but end up hiding from them, for fear we may never actually achieve or have them.

Left to our own devices, we often pursue what we “should” be doing, rather than what we want to do.

Self-growth can't be done in a vacuum. Yes, we can read books and try new techniques, skills, philosophies, and approaches. But if this is all we do, we are unlikely to overcome our blind spots, because only others can see these and help us see them.

Group therapy taps into our need for connection, to be heard, to be known, and gives us a sandbox to explore how to feel more connection, appreciation, and power in our lives.

I offer two types of group: Empowered Living Groups and Therapeutic Gaming Groups.

Empowered Living Groups

Group therapy is not about "fixing" yourself. It's about growing and expanding yourself, to move toward greater rewards in life. Relationships deepen. Work feels more productive. Life experiences are more meaningful and fulfilling.

Empowered Living Groups are safe and supportive environments that encourage both men and women to explore personal and interpersonal growth. These groups especially benefit people looking to practice new coping mechanisms, strengthen their relationships, and overcome inner obstacles to fulfillment. These are high-functioning groups, with an age range of mid 20's to early 70's. All members are in concurrent individual therapy or have had a successful therapy experience.


Each group is co-led by two therapists, myself and either Jen McLish, LCSW or Emily Jones, LCSW. Having co-therapists provides even stronger support for participants to explore and build upon the richness of their interpersonal experiences in group.

Current Group Times

We currently offer 4 groups. Each group can have up to 8 participants.

Monday Mornings| 7:30 am - 8:45 am | Emily and Fox

Tuesday Afternoons| 12:30 pm - 1:45p m | Jen and Fox

Tuesday Evenings | 5:00 pm - 6:15 pm | Jen and Fox

Wednesday Evenings | 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm | Emily and Fox

Group Objectives

Group therapy is based on the theory that our most profound difficulties are best understood and unlocked by exploring and altering our patterns of relating with others. Each group empowers members to improve the relationships in their lives, whether those be with spouses, partners, friends, family, employees, bosses, or others.

What Empowered Living Groups provide (and what group situations in our normal life often lack) is an environment in which we can openly and honestly talk about the patterns we engage in. Once we are aware of these patterns, we can marshal the strength to alter them, as opposed to being swept up in them.  The result is a life that feels more connected and empowered.

Therapeutic Gaming Groups

Games can help us tap into strengths and weaknesses that we fail to recognize in our everyday lives. Group therapy helps us understand and overcome personal and interpersonal obstacles by exploring and altering our patterns of relating with others.

Therapeutic Gaming Groups use the inherent power of group therapy and role-playing games (like Dungeons and Dragons) to help participants become more confident, creative, and skilled in establishing relationships, navigating interpersonal dynamics, and achieving life goals.