Is therapy for you?

My relationship-based approach to psychotherapy can help you begin to choose a path in life that brings meaning and focus to the decisions that matter most to you. I focus on first building a strong relationship of trust and comfort with you, and then moving on to explore and address the issues you are facing.

I often will work with clients to identify what they are thinking and feeling in the here-and-now, so that they can begin to understand their immediate responses to experiences and learn new and healthier patterns of response.

I also guide clients through a process to uncover unconscious patterns of thinking, unpacking what may have developed as a result of their family of origin, and teasing out which patterns hold truth and benefit their progress and which patterns may need to be reexamined.

Individual therapy involves weekly one-on-one meetings in which we discuss whatever it is you need to discuss. Most sessions run for 50 minutes, and if you need, we can meet more than once a week.