Even the worst blizzard... accumulates one flake at a time.
— Mary Kay Blakely
INSURANCE:  I do not currently participate on any insurance panels. However, I do provide a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance company (if it offers out-of-network benefits).
Group Therapy: $125 for 75-minute group session
Couples Therapy: $150 for 50-minute session of conjoint couples therapy (where I work with a partnering therapist); $224 for a 45-minute session of regular couples therapy (where I work on my own with a couple). For more information about these options, please see my "Couples Work" page.

Individual Therapy: $200 per 45-minute individual psychotherapy session

Coaching: $200 per 45-minute coaching session


Note:  I generally raise my fees between 5 to 10% every one to two years. I do this to cover the increase in the costs-of-living expenses and various operating expenses that are involved with running my practice.   If and when I decide to raise my fees, I will inform you at least one month in advance. This will give us ample opportunity to discuss this increase, which is especially important if you believe this increase will cause a financial hardship.